Liner notes

All right, for those who like to know this stuff, here's an incomplete list of CDs and DVDs with liner notes by me. I also compiled some of these.

AUTOPSY Dark Crusades (DVD, Peaceville, 2006)
DEEP PURPLE Around The World Live (4-DVD, Eagle Vision, 2008)
GRAVE Morbid Ways To Die (6-LP box set, Century Media, 2003)
KREATOR Hordes Of Chaos -- Ultra Riot edition (2-CD, SPV, 2010)
MOTLEY CRUE Too Fast For Love (Universal, 2003)
MOTLEY CRUE Shout At The Devil (Universal, 2003)
MOTLEY CRUE Theatre Of Pain (Universal, 2003)
MOTLEY CRUE Girls Girls Girls (Universal, 2003)
MOTLEY CRUE Dr Feelgood (Universal, 2003)
MOTLEY CRUE Decade Of Decadence (Universal, 2003)
MOTLEY CRUE Motley Crue (Universal, 2003)
MOTLEY CRUE Generation Swine (Universal, 2003)
MOTLEY CRUE Greatest Hits (Universal, 2003)
MOTLEY CRUE Supersonic And Demonic Relics (Universal, 2003)
MOTLEY CRUE LIve Entertainment Or Death (Universal, 2003)
MOTLEY CRUE New Tattoo (Universal, 2003)
MOTORHEAD Bullets To Spare (Sanctuary, 2010)
NAZARETH Nazareth/Exercises (Union Square, 2009) 1
NAZARETH Razamanaz (Union Square, 2009)
NAZARETH Loud'N'Proud (Union Square, 2009)
NAZARETH Rampant (Union Square, 2010)
NAZARETH Hair Of The Dog (Union Square, 2010) 10)
NAZARETH Close Enough For Rock'N'Roll (Union Square, 2010)0)
NAZARETH Play'N'The Game (Union Square, 2010)
NAZARETH Expect No Mercy (Union Square, 2010)
NAZARETH No Mean City (Union Square, 2010)
NAZARETH Malice In Wonderland (Union Square, 2010)
NAZARETH The Fool Circle (Union Square, 2010)
NAZARETH Snaz (Union Square, 2010)
THE NICE The Best Of (Union Square, 2007)
GARY NUMAN The Complete John Peel Sessions (BBC Music, 2007)
MIKE OLDFIELD The Platinum Collection (3-CD, Virgin, 2006)
UFO Classic Studio Recordings And Essential Live Hits (2-CD, Union Square, 2007)
UNLEASHED ...And We Shall Triumph In Victory (6-LP box set, Century Media, 2003)
URIAH HEEP Loud, Proud & Heavy -- The Best Of (3-CD, Metro, 2007)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Here Cometh The Metalhead (Warners, 2004)
VARIOUS ARTISTS This Is Thrash (3-CD, Metro 2008)
YES Live And Solo (3-CD, Union Square, 2006)